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Bonifol Design Works ("BDW") is here to to help you with your design needs, such as logos, websites, photography, graphics, or to assist with your project needs.

Current Developments in Web Design

Websites today can benefit from a redesign to convert any of your older pages from a static fixed-width-based design to a fully fluid web design, adjusting to all devices.

More and more people today are searching the web on tablets or mobile devices. Each device has a different screen size and a website developed for a desktop usage may now be very difficult to view and read on a smart phone, mobile or tablet device. You are losing large sections of audience when your site is compressed to fit on a small device, causing the user to have to squint or constantly pinch and pull to make text larger.

Solution:Make your site more user-friendly through a re-coding of your website to adjust for a rapidly increasing variety of electronic devices being used for the web today. I can help you with this.

BDW can also help with other assets used on your site, including grahics, logos, photographs an pdf materials.

If you are using a blog platform, I can also help with any set up or changes you are uncomfortable making yourself.


Print Products for the Home

BDW principal Bonnie Follett also offers artistic images (drawings or photography) for use on products to beautify your home or lifestyle.

These can be found on her page. You are invited to view, explore or shop the collections there.



Hello and Good Day!!!!

My small design firm can offer you skilled services for your projects.

  • Website Development and Design (HTML5/Javascript/CSS)
  • Content management system (CMS) websites
  • Website Redesign or Updates
  • Website Maintenance
  • Development of Graphics, Designs, Illustration
  • Photographic Manipulation and Editing
  • Illustration for web or print
  • Design of Marketing and Business Materials
  • Consultation and advice on your project needs


For questions, see the Contact Page. I look forward to hearing from you.


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